Days 4 through 7

Day 4: Brisbane

Today we woke up early to watch the USA soccer game in the hostel lounge then drove to Brisbane where we had class.  Since not a ton happened today here is a quick list of some useful tips/useful knowledge in Australia:

–       Everything is pretty expensive here. The most apparent expenses are foods (because they tax unhealthy foods from what I understand) and beverages (alcohol is really expensive).

–       Australia is really big: about the size of the continental US. This means going from city to city takes quite a while, but it also breeds a lot of diversity throughout the country.

–       Everyone here is super friendly and you can talk to anyone about anything and they will be extremely nice and helpful.

I will add some more tips soon!


Day 5: Brisbane Day 2

This morning we had free time so we talked to the botanical garden, which was pretty much a really nice park. Brisbane is a great city for walking around both with its ease and abundance of fun stuff to do. After class today, which it is really getting annoying to have four-hour class, we found a place with cheap food and attempted to find the free riverboat. We accidently got on the wrong boat and had to convince the driver that it was an honest accident so we didn’t have to pay, but ended up pretty far away from our hostel. The walk back further convinced me that Brisbane is a very pedestrian friendly town and a really cool place to live. Tonight was another great bonding time with friends, and once again I love the freedom we are given in this program.


Day 6: Darwin and Camping

This morning we flew to the most northern part of Australia: Darwin. The flight took about four hours, which proved to us how large Australia really is. We then drove to Kakadu National Park and our camping site, which took another four hours, showing how huge Kakadu National Park is and the Northern Territory in general. I know it sounds weird, but the park is an interesting mix between a desert and a rainforest. The landscape is extremely green and luscious, but also since it is the dry season, there are small wildfires all over the place. It is extremely beautiful and it really makes me happy that this place is being preserved.


It's impossible to capture the beauty of the landscape here in Kakadu

It’s impossible to capture the beauty of the landscape here in Kakadu

Day 7: Kakadu National Park and Uranium Plants

Today, we went to a hilly area where aboriginal wall art covered the hillsides and the sites were breathtaking. It was a very interesting look into the aboriginal culture and the views showed us the range of ecosystems, ranging from mountains to flood plains to billabongs. The sites had to be one of the most beautiful places I will ever see in my life and it sucks that I just accidently deleted half my photos today….

Tip of the day: Try to back-up your photos to make sure you don’t do something stupid like I did…

After the hike, we took a tour of the Uranium mine in Kakadu National Park, which showed me how destructive humans can be to the landscape of a beautiful place. The giant hole in the ground (over 200 meters deep) may have made the country billions of dollars, but the filling process of the site will take over 15 years and hundreds of millions of dollars.

With that said, today was extremely informative and was really fun.

This termite mound is huge!

This termite mound is huge!


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