Days 23 through 26

Day 23: Kayaking and Watson’s Bay

Another day of waking up early, but this time to kayak the Sydney Harbor! It was a very strenuous workout, but we rowed to a place called Shark Island (for its shape, not aquatic life), which had some amazing view of the city. After kayaking, I went with a friend to Watson’s Bay because she heard of a really great restaurant there. The views were the best I’ve seen of Sydney! We ate some clam chowder along with a few ginger beers and talked about life. It’s great to explore a part of the world I may only be in once while also making a great friend. I did lose my room key on this excursion, but it was so worth it!

View of Sydney from Watson Bay

View of Sydney from Watson Bay 

Day 24: Project Work time and Ramen

Today was the day pretty much every group busted out a bunch of their projects because it was the last Sunday in Sydney. After splitting up the work and discussing our goals, I went out with some friends to get ramen. I never really knew that you could get gourmet ramen; I thought it was just that stuff you buy in packets for 30 cents. I cannot state it more, but Asian food here is ridiculously good! When I get back, I will definitely keep my eye open for ramen now, but I doubt it will be as good as it is here. Tonight I video chatted with some friends back home, which was nice, and seeing that I was a day ahead of most of them was pretty funny!


Day 25: World Cup Final

The world cup final in Australia was at 3:00am…. It was a great game that I could analyze for an hour, but of course it went to overtime and therefore I didn’t go back to sleep until around 5:30am then had to wake up for class around 8:30…. Therefore, after class I took a good long nap! I once again had some great Asian food for dinner (I feel like I mention it everyday, but man do I love it!), then we dealt with our first drama of the trip. I’m amazed that 25 days in there has been no real drama and am super thankful that todays was pretty minimal, but it still stinks. We helped our friend that was in the forefront of it, and luckily tomorrow is her birthday, so we also hatched out our plan to make it the best ever!


Day 26: Birthday and 360 Bar again

Our friend is a little older than the rest of us and has a daughter, and therefore hasn’t had much of a birthday in a long time. So, of course, we had to make today special for her! After class, my friend and I ran off to buy flowers, Guinness (her favorite beer), purple balloons (her favorite color), and a “21st Birthday” tiara [because today she’s 21 ;)]. We hid everything in her room before she came back from class, and then surprised her with some poppers as she walked in! She loved the gifts and the surprise flowers on her bed and I’m glad because she totally deserves it! After the surprise, we got ready and took her to the 360 Bar, which was just as amazing the second time, then went out to a few other places. All in all, today was a very nice day for all of us and I look forward to sending flowers to our friend every year (we all agreed we would, but she doesn’t know hehe)!

Jen's Surprise Birthday!

Jen’s Surprise Birthday!

Free Birthday Dessert at 360 Bar!

Free Birthday Dessert at 360 Bar!



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