Days 27 through 30

Day 27: Bondi Beach and Last Day in Sydney

We had no class today, which meant sleeping in and exploring. My friend and I took a long walk from school to the beach and up the coast to the world famous Bondi Beach. It is an amazing walk, that I highly suggest, and a nice time to talk with a friend while getting some great pictures! After our walk, we met up with a friend of mine from CMU who lives in Sydney. Too bad that this was our last day because he had some suggestions of things to do, but most everything he suggested we had already done! Getting his perspective was great (plus he is in the same major as me, so we talked about engineering down under) and it was a nice last day in Sydney. We went back, packed up, and went to sleep early before our flight tomorrow (jk we never sleep early, we talked all night at went to bed at a ‘reasonable’ time).


Bondi Beach walk with David

Bondi Beach walk with David

Day 28: Cairns and Meeting Other Groups

The flight to Cairns was pretty short (about 4.5 hours) and was a great time to get some sleep and watch a movie. After landing we moved into our dorm, which I guess has a reputation for being a party place (its got a club attached to it!), and went on a tour of the town. Cairns is pretty small, but has a ton of awesome things to do nearby, which is why we end here and have a few extra days to go scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef and/or skydiving and/or white water rafting and/or bungee jumping and/or a bunch of other awesome things! Despite the fact that the beach here is kind of lame (its all mud…), there is a really cool lagoon that we will definitely go to after our final!

Cairns is also the location where TEAN semester programs go for a pre-departure optional trip, so I met some really cool new people and definitely had a truly memorable night. I can’t wait to finish up my finals and go to the Great Barrier Reef and more!


Day 29: Sugar Mill, Mission Beach, and Boulders

Instead of class today, we went to a sugar mill that both produces sugar and about nine megawatts of energy. It was a very interesting tour that was only hindered by the fact that it smelled like sweet sugar the whole time and was during lunchtime… We have seen a variety of really cool energy production techniques and this one was a good finisher. After the tour, we got lunch at Mission Beach, which, once again, the seafood was to die for! The beaches here are great not only because they are warm even in winter, but they are also surrounded by both mountains and tropical rain forests. What a place! We then went to a cool park called Boulders where we explored a really phenomenally carved out river valley!

Tonight was another great night of meeting new people and having some great last nights with some truly memorable friends. I’m so fortunate to have met so many amazing people and tonight really made me thankful!


Mission Beach with the amazing mountains and rain forests in the background!

Mission Beach with the amazing mountains and rain forests in the background!

Exploring Boulders

Exploring Boulders

Day 30: Last Class and Activities Fair

We finished our classes of today with a class on wind energy. The technology is not only super interesting, but is also a great prospect for our future. Today we reunited with the Tourism group, so we showed them around town, then went to the activities fair where we signed up (with discounts) for all the great activities that are all around Cairns. TEAN set up this sign-up event to show us the most trusted organizations for all these trips and give us those discounted hook ups! It was really great and I signed up for white water rafting (I was told by some friends that it is amazing here) and scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef (because you have to!). A lot of money spent, but it will be so worth it!


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