T-minus 9 Hours

With nine hours left before the plane from LAX leaves for Brisbane, I think it would be interesting to post my initial feelings and thoughts!

First off, it’s a weird feeling thinking that I will be half-way across the world in less than 24 hours with around 100 other college students that I have never met before. I am only a little nervous right now, but I know once I get to the airport, the nervousness will kick in. I am super excited to meet new people, but not knowing anyone is a little scary. Unlike the People to People trip I took to the UK my sophomore year of high school, there have been no pre-trip meet and greets, but, like my previous trip, I am confident that everyone will be really welcoming and friendly.

My only worries about traveling are mainly logistical: How much internet access will there be? Will I have any problems with my credit card/banking? How much free time will there be? Will I have many opportunities to meet locals? Even though World Cup games are on really late at night, will I still be able to watch them? (The last one is my biggest worry of course!)

Well, with that said, I can’t wait to see how my cards play out in Australia and am focusing on keeping an open mind, being extra friendly yet being myself, and making the most out of every opportunity I get!